WTF ???? Unicorn cake? ???? Is it easy to make?

1. How do you make a unicorn cake for beginners?

2. How many layers do you need for this cake?

Baking the rainbow layers of your unicorn cake – first of all make the interior of the cake with six layers of different colored cakes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

3. Who created the Unicorn Cake?

Seems like Canadian cake designer Jenna Rae has been credited with creating the cake at her bakery in Winnipeg a month ago.

4. What is a unicorn cake?

According to Cosmopolitan, it all started with Jenna Rae Cakes, a bakery in Canada. These bakers had the unique idea to have the cake itself act as the body of the unicorn.

5. How do you make the horn?

Insert a wooden skewer into a cake dummy, which will help you determine the height. Above all roll out a tapered rope of caramel-colored fondant, and twist it around the wooden skewer until you reach the top. finally, paint your unicorn’s horn gold

6. What flavor is the best?

Topped with a gold fondant unicorn horn and ears. Cake flavor descriptions can be found here. Cakes flavors chosen with flavored icings will probably have the flavored icings and/ or fillings in between the cake layers but will be frosted with vanilla buttercream on the outside of the cake to achieve the unicorn look.

7. How tall it should be?

While you might see some unicorn cakes that are short & stubby, we highly suggest your base be almost 5 inches tall. We want her slender and tall, kinda like a supermodel unicorn

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