What’s the story with masturbation in public?

What's the story with masturbation in public?
Sometimes excess boundaries, hiding and repression create a need for protest Photo: YouTube

The IKEA store is not a particularly sexy place for most of us, but a video documenting a masturbating woman throughout the Chinese branch of the IKEA network soon became viral and removed. Was she just trying to get the message that this masturbation is normal?

Masturbation is a natural and healthy thing – and we are very much in favor of it. But what about public masturbation? This week, the network was hit after a video of an anonymous woman enjoying herself at IKEA’s Chinese branch went viral. The video, which is several minutes long, shows the woman wearing only a shirt, touching herself at several different sites throughout the huge store – within the background shoppers passing by who do not notice what is happening.

The video was distributed as expected on social networks and gained ten million views before being removed. The Swedish furniture brand was embarrassed that the chain “will increase the security and cleanliness of the branches, with the aim of creating a safe and convenient shopping environment and experience.” Local police have been involved in Ikea, but the woman’s identity remains unknown.

Occasions of female masturbation in public rise from time to time to headlines and raise interest and controversy. This is a violation of the law for all intents and purposes, but you can look at it differently too. “There is nothing sexier than the idea of ​​someone looking at you in the middle of the act,” said a sex blogger, who told how she used to delight herself in her apartment with open windows. This, of course, is very far from masturbating in the middle of a furniture giant’s store – but the blogger tried to convey a point. “Masturbation is an effective way to release stress, increase concentration and strengthen self-confidence, so it’s no wonder many of us are looking for daily quality time opportunities with ourselves – no matter where we are. Still, unsurprisingly there are double standards on men’s and women’s masturbation. While female masturbation in public will often be portrayed as something funny or erotic, when men do it they will pay a higher price and be defined as “deviant.” One wonders why, in fact, masturbation in public discourages people: “If the thought that someone is masturbating next to you in the pool is disgusting to you, think a second about the amounts of urine flowing near you in the pool at any given time. I think orgasms should be the last thing that bothers you.”

Knowing guides to the sexual awareness of the anonymous act in China is a protest act at all. “An act of public self-love is indeed an illegal act, and any sexuality against anyone who chooses not to see it is wrong and disregards boundaries,” they say. And so she probably wanted to tell us something, to convey a message. Everyone who watched this woman in her act with herself did so voluntarily and freely. “

What exactly did she want to say?

Maybe the message was that we as a society would stop being so alienated in self-love. “It’s really intriguing to see other people delighting themselves, but we don’t get guidance or sharing from our adults and educators about masturbation and self-pleasure and we are all lonely in this experience. No relief can be felt after a lifetime of feeling weird and guilt-filled. This Chinese woman, From a certain point of view, it comes to show us, and show us how culturally we create loneliness and alienation in the face of human, daily and positive action. “

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