What is Living Wall

living walls (also known as plant walls, Green walls or vertical gardens) have become a rising new trend of built environments in recent years. So, What is Living Wall?

Living walls are also appearing outside the home. Cities around the world are setting up living walls in buildings in an effort to greenify areas that don’t have park space. For example, London is creating a 5 story living wall on a building near the Thames.

What is a living wall made of?

For sheet media systems, the living wall is made of an egg crate-type of pattern on a plastic sheet that can be used for both outdoor roof gardens and vertical walls.

How do living walls work?

Water is distributed to the plants in the wall. Gravity pulls excess water downward. Excess drainage water collects at the bottom of the wall and is fed back to the tank. This water is then used over and over (recirculates).

How long do living walls last?

As a reasonably new technology, the lifespan of living green walls is difficult to declare with certainty. It’s been seen that the hardware, the panels and the growth media, can last up to 25 years, however how long the plants will survive is trickier to establish.

Do living walls need sunlight?

Natural sunlight provides a full spectrum of colour and indoor living walls will thrive with a similar light balance (4500 K to 6000 K). For a healthy living wall we require a minimum of 3000 K.