In September 2014, it’s estimated that the internet hosted approx 1 billion websites confirmed by NetCraft in its October 2014 web server survey. From my calculation, if you visit 1000 websites per day, then it would still take you more than 2,700 years to visit the entire website. But happily, you are lucky and not need to visit all of them to discover the weirdest website because we have made a wonderful list of 20 wackiest, funniest and weirdest websites ever on the internet to waste your time.

This website helps you to send the telegram to those who are pass away. There is a fee of $25.00 for 5 words (min 5 words) to send a telegram to those who are died but the company does not keep this amount they pay a medical bill or donate to charity.

Put your mouse pointer somewhere on the screen, wait for a few seconds to load. Someone point toward your mouse pointer with 100% accuracy. This funniest website is really amazing, always true give you true results.

This site is great for students who looking for great excuses like not to go to school or college. If you are a geek who hates sports, club, and girls and looking for great challenges bookmarks this website.

Show how many people are alive in the whole world. Display 7,000,000,000 peoples of the world on a single page. is one of the weirdest websites redirects you to the new site,

Full of fun with an eel, move pointer and have fun with slappp.

There is a virtual society of idiots. This is a parody site of original Mensa club of peoples having high IQ.

Single website to spy all the planes flying all around the world.

Only for Zombies, this is one hundred percent free dating and social networking website for zombie lovers, zombie dating, zombie couple and zombie hating.

20 Funiest and Weirdest Websites to Waste Time Right Now
Funiest and Weirdest Websites

No word to describe this site but beware this website contains lasers, guns and a lot of “pew pew pew”.