This is how a man got revenge on a passenger lying down in her chair

During an American Airlines flight, a woman takes her seat back, as many of us do. The passenger sitting behind did not like the act and began to hit the back of the seat many times. The passenger asked for help from one of the flight attendants who responded and even threatened her. The documentation caused a stir on the internet, but the views were shared by the surfers

What’s the story?

Wendy Williams laid down her passenger seat during the flight and in vengeance the passenger behind her decided to hit the back of the chair. When she contacted the flight attendant for help she “received threats”. She is now demanding compensation for damage allegedly to her spine. The incident was documented by the passenger and sparked a web storm.

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She claims to be injured

About three weeks ago, Williams boarded an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Charlotte in the United States. First the passenger was lying down in her seat. After a short while, the passenger sitting behind her asking her to pick him up so he could eat, took the seat back. When the passenger finished eating, Williams reclined the seat – then the nervous passenger began to hit her back hard. She began filming what was going on, claiming the passenger began to reduce the intensity of the beating.

In a tweet she later posted to the video, Williams wrote that she has been suffering from severe headaches since then and that X-rays have found her spine damaged. Known for scandalizing American Airlines, American Airlines responded to outraged Williams: “Our customers’ security and comfort are our top priority and now our team is investigating the case.”

The flight attendant wasn’t supportive

“He was angry that I put the seat down and hit him hard nine times,” she told CNN. At one point, Williams sought help from the flight attendant but it “rolled her eyes” and went on her own. The flight attendant even threatened that if the passenger said something to someone – she would “escort her out of the plane.”

Is it okay to recline the seat of the airplane?

The video posted to Twitter sparked an interesting discussion – is it okay to recline the seat of the airplane even if it bothers the passenger behind you. Opinions were divided. Todd Gelson, who responded to the Williams post, wrote: “The guy sitting behind you acted like a scumbag.” On the other hand, Kevin Flauer wrote to her: “I think a person who seats the chair without asking permission is just rude.”

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