Top 4 Flexitarian recipes!

A Flexitarian is a person who eats a meatless diet for the majority of meals but occasionally enjoys meat or fish. And we kinda like the idea of this diet. So after examining the theory and deciding […]


WTF ???? Unicorn cake? ???? Is it easy to make?

1. How do you make a unicorn cake for beginners? 2. How many layers do you need for this cake? Baking the rainbow layers of your unicorn cake – first of all make the interior of the cake with six layers of […]


Keto diet is legit? It Depends!

The Keto diet has become one of the most popular diets of recent years is a complete understatement. So what’s it all about? 1. What is the keto diet and is it healthy? The keto diet — a high-fat, moderate-protein, […]