OMAD meal prep – we’ve got you covered ????????????????????

One meal a day is an important event and everything needs to be delicious and most importantly – ready in advance.

We don’t want to ruin our diet with spontaneous eating that will eventually lead to our diet failureץ It is therefore important to prepare meals in advance and to concentrate all the cooking and preparations in one day.

gathered lots of ideas on how to prep meals for a week – Let’s take a look:

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That feeling when you're done meal prepping for the week ???? . ???????? Finishing meal prep makes me feel so accomplished and prepared for the week ahead! ???????? How does meal planning make you feel? . This week’s meal prep is: Ground Turkey Taco Bowls with Broccoli & Jasmine Rice WITH Roasted Butternut Squah to add a variation in vitamins & minerals! ???? ???? ________________________________ Ingredients: – 3 lbs of Organic Ground Turkey ???? – 2 tablespoons of Cumin. – 2 or 3 tablespoons of Garlic Powder. – 1 tablespoon of Paprika. – 2 tablespoons of Chili Powder. – 2 tablespoons of Dill. – 2 teaspoons of Salt. – 2 teaspoons of Pepper. ** I usually eyeball it and taste it along the way and season accordingly. – 3/4 Cup of Water ???? – 3 Avocados ???? – Salsa ???? – 2 Limes. – Mexican Style Cheese ???? – 1 Large Yellow Onion. – Broccoli ???? – Butternut Squash. – 1 1/2 Cups of Jasmine Rice ???? – Avocado Oil ???? _______________________________ Directions: 1. Heat a large skillet with a few teaspoons of avocado oil then add ground turkey. Cook until halfway down, then turn to a simmer. 2. Add cumin, garlic, chili powder, paprika, dill, salt & pepper with water and mix. Let simmer for about 5 minutes or until meat is fully cooked and the water is mostly evaporated. 3. Start cooking jasmine rice and broccoli while meat is cooking. 4. Sauté onion in avocado oil and add to the ground turkey. 5. Toss the Butternut Squash in avocado oil, salt, pepper and garlic then roast on 400 F for about 20 minutes. 6. Dish up the rice and add ground turkey on top. Then, add broccoli, 1/4 avocado, a few tablespoons of salsa, a few sprinkles of cheese and a wedge of lime to squeeze over the top. 7. Enjoy! ???? . —————- ???? Save this post to reference. ???? Don't forget to turn ON Post notifications. ???? Your turn! Tag #mealprepster and @mealprepster for a chance to get featured! ???? via: @kristen.fitt

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