Meet Saya

Everyone talks about her – why?
The hair? Maybe something in the eyes? And maybe she’s just not real?

Is Saya real?

Well, we won’t leave you in suspense and just say it: Saya is not real. The graceful Japanese student in front of you may look like a flesh-and-blood girl, but she is nothing more than a graphic creation by Japanese 3D artists, Triochi and Yuki Ishikawa.

Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa

Who Created Saya?

The Ishikawa duo (married couple) created Saya on a computer for an animated movie in Japan, and her image has swept through the net. Try scrolling her name and you’ll get a report with the same title as ours on dozens of websites. Our bet: Only a few percent guessed it wasn’t real before they went in to read the details.

When did the Ishikawa duo create Saya?

It seems like Saya is with us for quite some time. She was created in 2016 as part of the couple’s project and has since starred on many sites

What is the story behind this Saya?

It’s an hyper-realistic artwork of a schoolgirl, and at that time it was a revelation about what can be achieved with computer design.

Her slightly askew school tie, heavily fringed hair, freckled skin and teenage pout left thousands trying to work out whether or not she was a real person…

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