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K-beauty is known for its extensive 10-step skincare regimen which incorporates cleansing, sheet masks, essences, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen to achieve and maintain healthy, flawless, and glowing skin.

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Why is K Beauty popular?

There certainly are a lot of reasons why K-beauty is attracting so many people- from the fandom of Korean celebrities (largely famous for their pretty faces and ”ageless’ look) to cute looking products to the flair of exoticism it brings around as it’s ”Asian” and hence attractive.

Is K Beauty safe?

Kuhn said most K-Beauty products feature beneficial ingredients like vitamin C, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. She said even the exotic ingredients like snail slime are typically safe, but it’s important to set realistic expectations.

Is K Beauty better?

Korean beauty products are better for only one thing which is that for the same harmful and/or poor quality of interesting ingredients used in the recipe of a beauty product, Korean beauty products usually cost much cheaper.

Why is Korean skin care better?

Korean Skincare products are best because they are so much fun to use. If you search through social media, you are bound to find a bunch of beauty lovers using these playful and wacky products. But they are not the only one who is having fun with their k-beauty items even celebrities are getting in on the action too.

The best Korean skincare brands

  1. COSRX
  2. Skinfood
  3. Missha
  4. Dear, Klairs
  5. Banila Co
  6. Goodal
  7. Blossom Jeju
  8. IOPE

Korean skincare routines

  • Step 1: Wash with water. First thing in the morning, cleanse your skin with only water, not cleanser.
  • Step 2: Toner. Courtesy of brand.
  • Step 3: Essence. Courtesy of brand.
  • Step 4: Ampoule.
  • Step 5: Serum.
  • Step 6: Eye cream.
  • Step 7: Moisturiser.
  • Step 8: Sunscreen.

Korean skincare routine: every single step explained

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