Behind the MOMO challenge?‍☠️

1. What is the Momo challenge story?

A viral horror game called “Momo” that ran in recent weeks in Wattsap sends the kids a series of disturbing pictures, demanding that they obey the laws and probably also threatening to reveal their personal details.

2. What happens if you call Momo?

A character called Momo reportedly appears in videos and tells its young viewers to do specific tasks, which are often dangerous and can cause serious harm.

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3. Who created Momo?

The sculpture, titled “Mother Bird,” was made by artist Keisuke Aisawa for the Japanese special-effects company Link Factory. It was put on display in Tokyo three years ago.

4. Is it dangerous?

Despite circumstantial reports, neither the rumored game nor the Momo character meme has ever been proved to have led to any cases of suicide.

5. Is it real?

Some think this is an out-of-control urban legend and anyone who seems to record conversations with him is taking part in the stretch. There are those who take a ride on the phenomenon and try to impersonate Momo and create similar interactions – which makes it a real stretch. Either way, it’s likely that you should stay away from this, especially if you have children.

6. What should parents do about it?

Parents should not be tempted by free content – sometimes it costs the parent tens of shekels a month to purchase a secure app subscription, but in return they will provide the child with a secure digital environment

7. Momo is dead?

“The sculpture no longer exists, it was never meant to last so long,” the artist told the British Sun newspaper in an interview. “He was thrown out and thrown away long ago. The children can be sure that ‘Momo’ is dead, she no longer exists and her curse has been removed.”

The artist also stressed that he was upset and sad that his work had caused so much pain and suffering to children around the world. “On the one hand, I have appreciated the people who made my work so famous,” he said. “On the other hand, they caused a lot of grief and pain.

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