Deepfake is something we all need to know about?

The Deepfake is the name for using AI systems to replace a person within a piece of media with the image of another person. Deepfakes are audio, images, and videos that appear to realistically depict speech and actions, but are actually synthetic representations made using modern artificial intelligence.

How do Deepfakes work?

Deepfakes or ‘deep faking’ is the term used to describe videos or audio recordings that are put into artificial intelligence systems which then use learnt image synthesis to alter them from their original state.

Can Deepfake be detected?

Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and the Partnership on AI are developing a new dataset of videos with an associated competition (and prize funding) to develop better detection methods. Unfortunately, Deepfake detection algorithms will never be enough Spotting fakes it is just the start of a much bigger battle

How are Deepfake videos created?

The technology used to create such digital content has quickly become accessible to the masses, and they are called “deepfakes.” Deepfakes refer to manipulated videos, or other digital representations produced by sophisticated artificial intelligence, that yield fabricated images and sounds that appear to be real.

So… How can you tell a Deepfake?

  1. face discolorations.
  2. lighting that isn’t quite right.
  3. badly synced sound and video.
  4. blurriness where the face meets the neck and hair.

Is Deepfake legal?

Currently, the videos are not illegal. If they are a pornographic face-swap video or photo, the victim will be able to claim defamation or copyright. But it as it stands, the deepfake videos of celebrities making controversial statements that they have never said remain legal… for now.

And if we are talking about Deep Fake, have you met the Saya girl?

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