Acne Patches: Do They Really Work?

Acne Patches Do They Really Work

Wondering what’s that sticker-like stuff people are using on their skin these days? Just so you know, they are known as acne patches or pimple patches. These patches claim to cure acne and the acne marks. But they work? Should you use them? Let’s find out!

What Are Acne Patches?

Acne patches are very similar to those sticky bandages we use on our wounds. These stickers or patches are made using hydrocolloid material which contains a compound pectin or gelatin. They can be either made of a hydrocolloid or with a combination of hydrocolloid and an anti-pimple compound such as salicylic acid.

How Acne Patches Work? How They Can Help In Getting Rid Of Pimples?

Acne patches work for spot treatment. They basically help in minimizing the pimple and accelerating the healing process. Here’s how they work :

They Suck The Dirt Out Of Pores

If you’ve ever used pore strips, you’ll definitely love using acne stickers. Just like the pore strips, these patches they Suck out all the pimple-causing dirt and oil, cleansing the pores deeply. After absorbing the gunk, the acne patch turns it into a gel-like substance which sticks and seals to the patch you can remove later. Another advantage is, they can also prevent pimples-causing bacteria from entering the pore and resulting in inflammation and redness. This “vacuum cleaning” is the main principle of hydrocolloid patches.

They Prevent Touching And Picking The Pimples

The first thing your dermatologist tells you is to avoid touching your face and especially pimples. But still, we all find popping the pimple very tempting and oddly satisfying. But when you pick and pop your pimple, it spreads the bacteria in other parts of the face and leaves the nasty spots or blemishes behind. This is where acne patches come in, once you stick them on your pimple, they prevent you from touching and picking your acne. In this way, the healing time gets faster and it doesn’t leave behind acne spots as well.

What Are The Different Types of Acne Patches?

As we have mentioned earlier, pimple patches are made of hydrocolloid, it is the main ingredient. However, along with it, sometimes other pimples fighting agents such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and Kojic acid are also used for making these patches. Apart from these base ingredients, companies these days are manufacturing different variants of pimple patches by adding skin-soothing ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Aloe vera, Turmeric, Vitamin C etc.

When should You Use Acne Patches?

Acne patches should be used as spot treatments for acne and pimple. Ideally, they should be used on whiteheads, which are caused due to clogged pores. Further, they can also be used on cysts that have formed a head. However, there are brands that are manufacturing acne stickers for treating swollen, red and painful pimples filled with pus. Apart from whiteheads and pimples, acne patches are not meant for blackheads.

If you’re suffering from occasional breakouts with a few whiteheads and pimples, you can use acne spots. However, if you’re suffering from severe breakouts such as a collection of red bumps that have spread over your face, you should avoid using acne spots and see your dermatologist immediately.

How To Use Acne Patch For Treating Pimples And Blemishes?

Different manufacturers make different types of acne patches. Hence, follow the directions and instructions of the brand you’re using. The best way to use these patches as an overnight spot treatment. Overnight treatment is suggested because the skill cells regenerate and repair themselves while you’re sleeping. So, when you repair and treat your skin at night, the healing process gets speedup and you get overnight results.

Using them during the night also allows you to keep them on for a long time. Here is how you can use them :

Before sticking the acne patches, first clean your face with a mild face-wash and apply a good moisturizer. After that, remove the sticker and apply it on your pimple(s) and leave them overnight. These are waterproof stickers, so you can keep them on while washing face and showering in the morning. You can remove them or keep them on for a little longer.

Most acne patches are transparent, you can keep them on during the day as well. In fact, you can even apply your makeup on the top of them.

Pimple patches are also great for the days when you have a big pimple on your face and still need to apply heavy makeup. You can simply cover the pimple using one of these patches and do your makeup as usual.

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