The truth behind young Guru Chris Waller untimely death

A few days ago on January 14, young Chris Waller died at just 22 years of age.

While the rumors of his tragic death are piling up and accumulating on the Internet, the story is rather sad about the tremendous online opportunities.

Anyone can easily grasp and find themselves very quickly at the bottom no matter how impressive the images of success and wealth

Who is Chris Waller?

Chris Waller is best known in the online community in the Dropshipping field. A successful guru who sold online courses in detail of his sales and development methods that led to his success.

We know as “Get rich fast” which has flourished in recent years thanks to the great growth in eCommerce.

In his social media accounts, Facebook and YouTube were told his life story as a kid running away from home and living with his aunt and, in fact, lacking in all that he managed to achieve impressive achievements in wealth and expensive cars.

What led to his death?

Despite all the beautiful pictures of cars and YouTube success videos, it seems that beneath the successful visuals was not really a success and many people realized that it was actually fake.

According to his friends and other rumors, after an Instagram post that exposed him as a fraud, he went into a deep depression and began to use drugs.

Not really known if this is true but the facts are that after the Instagram exposure he stopped posting in all of his media accounts and not long after he died

Was Chris Waller a crook?

There was a lot of talk about his life story being faked and that he did live with his parents and did not run away from home

He turns out to have been impersonating successful known online stores, causing costumers to buy products from him he never provided. He received a lot of criticism for it and instead of confronting it, he deleted all comments about that matter and blocked those people.

Eventually, these testimonies reached more and more people in the industry and one of Instagram’s famous accounts decided to expose him to everyone as a crook and fraud for his actions.

Funeral fundraising – another scam !!

It is very unfortunate to find that there are people who see the tragic death of this young man who made mistakes in his life as an opportunity to manifest a scam

Those people are trying to make a misrepresentation in which Chris’s family has no money to fund his funeral and seek donations from kind innocent people who are apparently Chris’s fans.

This fundraising (here) is under a heavy cloud of a scam as it is a strange fact that the young man’s family cannot fund proper burial and cannot access his money as his legal and natural heirs.

Our recommendation – Don’t contribute to this scam!

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  1. Sounds like he died broke in more ways than one. For some reason I am not sad. He does not deserve a proper burial so the only way he can start paying back the money scammed is to use his body for medical research.

  2. This story of Chris Waller’s life is built on rumours, if you look into ballerbusters facts, they are very dubious to say the least!

    • Yes I agree, they say he copied a legit store but to this day I cannot find a store that resembles his faith store.
      Secondly, the people who went online to say they hadn’t received their product was a grand total of 5, that’s right 5 people for over 5000 orders, that’s better than most large companies stats!
      Lastly, they have a screenshot on 5000+ orders showing still unforfilled on one of his videos but when you have an virtual assistant that works through zendesk, my understanding is, the orders do not get archived in the same way.
      Also, as anyone knows in the world of dropshiping, if you were even thinking about scamming someone PayPal and stripe would put your money on hold so quick, you wouldnt ever think of doing it again.
      So there you have it folks, another made up story by baller busters!

  3. I was ( and I am ) a big fan of Chris and followed him since 2018. He provided incredible value and created an amazing community of young Ecom entrepreneurs. He was extraordinary, wise beyond his age young man. While motivating and inspiring so many young people all over the world, he perhaps was lonely inside. Itโ€™s a shame that evil power of haters on social media could effect his pure soul so much. He didnโ€™t deserve to leave so early, but he contributed achieved much more then any of us. Stop being haters, open your minds and hearts. Chris is no longer with us now, so please letโ€™s have respect and let him Rest In Peace.

  4. just watching his videos on dropshipping and fb ads show that he wasn’t a scammer. Why would he know so much and in so much detail and scam it all? Shit don’t make sense

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