Baba Vanga accurately predicted ???? the Corona

One of the famous students of the Nostradamus from the Balkans, published a prophecy about Baba and Naga shortly before she died. Only now did the student realize that prophecy was referring to the deadly virus that paralyzes the world

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Kissing Robba (73), a Bulgarian artistic gymnast who was one of the only people who got to meet the baba and played face to face and hear direct prophecies from her, now tells of a prophecy that Nostradamus told her from the Balkans shortly before she died at the age of 84.

According to Robba, Baba Wanga revealed to her in 1996 that the Corona would take over the world. “Aunt Wanga predicted during my visit many times before – ‘Kiss, the Corona will take over us everywhere’, I didn’t understand what those words meant then,” Robba said. She explained that “Corona” is a word that Bulgarian may refer to guardianship and is related to Russian leadership in the country. That is why she thought Junga intended the state to be under Russian leadership. “Only now did I realize that she was talking about the Chinese virus.”

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As you know, Baba and Naga’s rage prophecies are taken seriously by millions around the world, especially in light of one of her famous 1989 prophecies. In the same prophecy, she shouted, “Horror! Horror! The American brothers will fall together after being attacked by steel birds,” and in fact creepily predicted the 11.9 attacks.

Robba did not say whether this prophecy will continue and what our future will be, but believers of the Baba and Noga who documented her prophecies last December released her gloomy outlook for 2020 – and let’s just say Corona is just the tip of the iceberg. By the way, various experts who have examined the Baba and Noga prophecies so far have found that they are 80% -85% accurate. Not a bad thing for her, but stressful for us.


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