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WTF ???? World Cup is all about? ⚽️

Qatar is the first west Asian nation and also the smallest country to host a FIFA World Cup So What is it all about? 1. What are the dates for the 2022 championship? Mon, Nov 21, [...]

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Top 4 Flexitarian recipes!

A Flexitarian is a person who eats a meatless diet for the majority of meals but occasionally enjoys meat or fish. And we kinda like the idea of this diet. So after examining the theory and deciding […]

Ear Seeds

Ear Seeds will help your diet or stress?

With interest in wellness surging, ear seeding is the latest trend popping up all over social media. So, what can ear seeds do for the body? According to experts, ear seeds, along with other forms of auricular therapy, are used […]


What Is Broccoli Coffee and Should You Drink It?

Broccoli coffee is traditional coffee infused with broccoli powder. How do you make broccoli coffee? To make broccoli coffee, the vegetable is dried, ground into a fine powder, and scooped into your coffee. And while it’s no sugar […]



The most talented singer of our time looks amazing

According to reports, the British singer has lost almost 50 pounds or 20 kgs over the course of a year. Adele’s incredible weight loss is something that is being attributed to the Sirtfood diet – a diet she has been rumouredly associated with since the […]

Global warming

So.. what is Global warming?

Global warming is driving us crazy. Why? Let’s see if we know enough about the subject 1️⃣ What causes global warming? Changes in rainfall patterns and changes in the frequency of extreme weather events are […]

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Lash tech – A profession on the rise!

An eyelash technician applies false eyelashes to the eyelids of their clients. Clients will typically come in for a consultation, at which time the technician makes recommendations as to the style and color of eyelashes best suited to the client’s face and desired appearance.


Coronavirus Fashion! wait .. WHAT??

The coronavirus has spread amazingly in most parts of the world. Almost all citizens of the world are in some form of isolation or another and we all care for adults and reduce the percentage […]